>> Questionnaire 2002

The European micro-nanotechnology
business accelerator for small
and medium-sized enterprises

Results of the questionnaire 2002
The objective of  our first questionnaire was to gain an insight into the needs of the industrial members with respect to their Micro- and Nanotechnology activities in order to focus on our project activities.
In total we received 33 filled-in questionnaires out of 381. It turned out to be hard to get members sufficiently interested to fill-in. The questionnaire has been sent in December 2002.

TOP 10 issues ranking

  1. Identifying synergy potential in non M@NT markets
  2. Website linking to all relevant user/supplier websites
  3. Reliable market information
  4. Overview of national initiatives for M@NT
  5. Creating access to R&D results (universities, institutes)
  6. Joint workgroups for identified technologies
  7. Listing supply chain relevant themes
  8. Overview of relevant European initiatives
  9. Joint workshops for mutual perspectives information
  10. Identifying successful research/development/product/market
  11. Examples using seamless mst production

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