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The following branch organisations can help you in finding facts
about the automotive sector:

 Automobil Cluster
Industrial cluster; office with nine persons; starts and manages funded projects; workshops, exihibitions; monthly newsletter stopped in April 2002; announcements of events till end of 2003; no member entry; (part of tmg); part of AAA
ACstyria Autocluster GmbH
Local industrial car cluster; part of AAA

Automotive Cluster Vienna Region
Local industrial car cluster; part of AAA

Automobilcluster Oö Technologie- und Marketinggesellschaft mbH
Supply chain industrial cluster (90 members) related to diesel engines and electonics (part of tmg.at)

Flandersdrive Automotive subcontractors; Dutch language

Comitée des Constructeurs Francais d'automobile
French cars producers; figures, news, partnerships, etc. Only home page in French. Further information also in an English version.

Fédération des Industries
des Equipements pour Véhicules

automotive suppliers. 150 members, covering 80% of market share. Many pages not available.

Automotive data network
Car e.V.
Car components supplier organization